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123\ignition electronic ignition systems for classics

123\ignition - why do I need this?

All too often the ignition of classic cars ruins a wonderful trip. Your car stops running and you stand near the open bonnet scratching your head. Your wife's glare tells stories.

After many years of hard work and neglected maintenance the old ignition system in your car is - simply speaking - worn. The advance mechanism, which rarely to never sees neither daylight nor oil is either seized up or the springs, which are relied on to have a certain tension, have seen better days. Systems, working optically, magnetically or which are based on hall effect, do replace the breaker points only and cannot compensate for the worn advance mechanism within the distributor.

A breakerless ignition system for your classic

123\ignition distributor is different. Although it looks similar to the original distributor, the inside houses maintenance-free high-tech electronics instead of the fault-prone mechanics. The distributor does not look like a foreign object under the bonnet of your classic car and will have your car's engine run like a Japanese sewing machine. The housing of the distributor is made from nickel-plated aluminium.

123\ignition - the maintenance-free ignition system

All moving parts of your old distributor like the breaker points, centrifugal weights, springs, bearings and the vacuum diaphragm have been replaced by one moving part - the shaft with the rotor on top!

The internal electronics feed the system with the correct values for the ignition advance and an optimum dwell angle throughout the whole rpm range. This ensures highest possible energy and performance anytime. There is no wear and tear and the optimally adjusted ignition system will never ever alter or deteriorate - you'll never have to adjust your ignition nor will you have to replace points.

Hear the stories your wife's glance tells now?

Does the 123\ignition also work in my car or my motor?

What happened to begin as a supporting role for a bothered Citroen 2CV driver, is now seen as THE ignition for many classic vehicles. We deliver ready-to-use distributors, ignition coils, and cables, as well as spare parts like distributor caps and rotors from our storage racks to our customers, everything on the same day. Our racks are restored twice or three times per week, so we can ensure short delivery times for most of the vehicles. In general, we offer distributors for motors with 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinders, no matter which firing order or turning direction, with on-board voltages of 6V and 12V, with or without vacuum advance, as well as multiple ignition curves. Our specialty is represented by the construction of dual/twin spark ignition distributors, which are provided for motors with 4 or 6 cylinders (e.g. NSU TT, Toyota, Porsche 911 ST and RSR). In this case, the ignition curves of both ignition circuits are adjustable irrespective of each other.

If there is a vehicle with no fitting distributor, we will build a proper 123\ignition, called „Conversion“. If you wish so, we will include a non-binding estimate of costs. We refer to decades of experience in building ignitions. We would also love to help you with determining the timing of the ignition, the selection and entry of the correct ignition curve or characteristic curve, basic setting, and adaptation of the vacuum advance. The conversions create the opportunity of supplying almost every vehicle with 123\ignition distributors.

We are professionals when it comes to your ignition distributor or your entire ignition system.

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