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123\TUNE USB distributor for Porsche 3.0 3.2 3.3 Carrera Turbo

Porsche 911 3.0 SC

123\TUNE USB programmable ignition distributor
Product no.: 9603
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Question about the product
123\TUNE USB and 123\TUNE+ Bluetooth ignition distributors are shipped from the factory without vehicle-specific ignition curves. They are made to physically fit the engine.
At this point, you can place an order with us for the research and programming of an ignition curve for the 123\TUNE USB and 123\TUNE+ Bluetooth for your vehicle, if you log in into your account in our webshop (right top CUSTOMER-LOGIN).
Rotor turning ccw, from 10/1977
Generally 123 TUNE distributors will be delivered without a suitable advance curve. On request (left in the comment field at the end of the check-out process) we will program the original advance curve into the distributor, if we have the advance data or you supply us with them.
This distributor is from the 123\TUNE (USB) series.
We offer our ignition distributors in three versions:
123\ignition – Our classic with 16 pre-set ignition curves, which can be selected via a switch. We recommend the 123\ignition for all vehicles operated under normal road use. Engines should not or only slightly be modified. Once set up correctly, you do not have to worry about anything anymore.
123\TUNE (USB) – You want to (fine-)tune your engine yourself? The 123\TUNE (USB) offers two advance curves, that can be activated even while driving. Settings can be made by means of a laptop, which you can easily connect via USB-cable.
123\TUNE+ (Bluetooth®) – Use the 123\TUNE+ (Bluetooth®) to control your new distributor with an app and Bluetooth® connection from you smartphone or tablet. This is highly comfortable. A special feature is the integrated immobilizer.
Detailed information on the properties of these series can be found at the bottom of this page under "Service | FAQ".
Please note:
  • Ignition cables with copper core are not suitable for use with this ignition distributor. Likewise older ignition cables should be replaced. For suitable ignition lead sets, see below.
  • Older ignition coils and ignition coils with a resistance below 1 ohm in the primary circuit (between terminals 1 and 15) lead to malfunction/total failure. The appropriate ignition coil with the parameters required for your vehicle, see below.

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